Comparative Literature Courses 2023-24

*Important Notice for Students*:

Please note that starting in the 2023-2024 academic year, NEW MAJORS must take ONE FOUNDATIONAL COURSE (6 credits) in order to complete the major.

Currently these courses are : CLIT2001, CLIT2025, CLIT2094, and CLIT2095. If you happen to take more than one of the above classes, the second ones will count as regular 2000-level/Advanced classes.

If you have already declared your major before August 2023, you can disregard this notice.

In order to MAJOR in Comparative Literature, students need to fulfill the following requirements:

    1. not fewer than one (6 credits) of the following first year Comparative Literature courses, and obtain a grade C or above: CLIT1001 or CLIT1008 or CLIT1009 or CLIT1010;
    2. 12 credits of introductory courses from any Arts programmes, which may include additional credits in 1000-level Comparative Literature courses; and
    3. not fewer than 54 credits of 2000- and 3000-level Comparative Literature courses, which should include (i) not fewer than one (6 credits) foundational course (CLIT2001, CLIT2025, CLIT2094 and CLIT2095) preferably in the second year, and (ii) not fewer than one (6 credits) capstone experience course.

MINOR in Comparative Literature shall consist of CLIT1001 or CLIT1008: Ways of Reading: Film, Literature, and Culture or CLIT1009: Introduction to Postcolonialism and Culture or CLIT1010: Ways of Thinking about Culture and Society; and not fewer than 30 credit units of 2000- and 3000-level courses.

To fulfill the credit requirements of the major/minor in Comparative Literature, students can also take the following courses in other programmes:

  • Gender Studies programme: GEND2001, GEND2007, GEND2008 and GEND2009.
  • History programme: HIST2082, HIST2083, HIST2085 and HIST2119.
  • Music programme: MUSI2044 and MUSI2055.
  • Faculty of Law: LLAW3141.
  • School of Chinese: CHIN2348, CHIN2358, HKGS2008, HKGS2011 and HKGS2012
  • School of Modern Languages and Cultures: AFRI2007, AMER2022, AMER2033, AMER2035, AMER2048, AMER2052, AMER2071, EUST2011, EUST2030, EUST3020,  SINO2008, SINO2012 and SINO2013.

Please refer to the relevant programmes for course details and availability.

All courses offered in the department will be assessed continuously with 100% coursework.  Teaching activities may include film screenings, workshops, and guest lectures.  Assignments may include essay writing, oral presentations in tutorials, and take-home or in-class tests.  Course organizers will provide details of assessment at the beginning of their courses.

FALL 2023

CLIT1010: Ways of thinking about culture and society

CLIT2001: Comparative Studies of Literary and Visual Narratives

CLIT2025: Visual Cultures

CLIT2045: Colonialism/postcolonialism

CLIT2089: Culture and Queer Theory

CLIT2099: Anticolonialism and decoloniality

CLIT2102: The Tragic Imagination

CLIT3019 : Internship in Comparative Literature and Cultural Sectors (Capstone)

CLIT3020: Independent Research (Capstone)

CLIT3021: Advanced Studies in Theory and Cultural Analysis (Capstone)


CLIT1008: Ways of Reading Film, Literature, and Culture

CLIT2007: Film Culture 1

CLIT2014: Feminist Cultural Studies

CLIT2050: Globalization and culture

CLIT2066: Postmodernism

CLIT2084: “New” cinemas across national boundaries

CLIT2094: Introduction to critical theory and cultural studies

CLIT2095: World, Text, and Critic

CLIT3019 : Internship in Comparative Literature and Cultural Sectors (Capstone)

CLIT3020: Independent Research (Capstone)

CLIT3027: From states of nature to states of the world: Political theory as literature  (Capstone)