Master of Arts in Literary and Cultural Studies (MALCS)

The degree of Master of Arts in Literary and Cultural Studies (MALCS) is a postgraduate degree offered by the Department of Comparative Literature at the University of Hong Kong. The courses introduces students to a wide range of theoretical, literary and filmic texts, exploring historical and contemporary issues within modernity and globalization. An interdisciplinary approach is adopted in the programme; Read More... all our courses are largely shaped by critical and cultural theory, and look at texts, for example film and literature, through the perspectives of post-structuralism, deconstruction, psychoanalysis, phenomenology, feminism, postmodernism, Marxist, post-colonial, and eco-criticism. At the end of their studies, students are expected to complete a capstone experience which contribute to the body of knowledge in liberal studies and humanistic inquiry. Read Less

To broaden and deepen students' knowledge of cultural theories and different approaches in literature, film, and cultural studies.

To cultivate critical thinking through engagement with the key debates in literary, film, and cultural studies.

To encourage appreciation of diverse cultural practices and contexts within a global frame, with emphasis on but not limited to those of Hong Kong, modern Chinese, and Asian cultures.

To develop skills in critical analysis and provide some of the knowledge necessary for advanced work in criticism, public or professional writing, and other creative practices.

Study Mode

The MALCS programme is designed to be completed by full-time student in one academic year or part-time students in two academic years. Each academic year comprises two semesters: Semester 1 (Fall) and Semester 2 (Spring). Semester 1 normally commences in September and ends in December, while Semester 2 normally commences in January and ends in May. Exact starting and ending date of a semester shall be prescribed by the School Senate.

Courses are usually offered during weekday evenings, from 6:30PM to 9:30PM. Some courses will also be offered on weekday afternoons.

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