CLIT2089: Culture and Queer Theory

6 Credits | Dr. Alvin Wong

This course introduces students to LGBT Studies and queer theory with a specific focus on keywords, concepts, and debates that animate the field. We will examine how different institutions, discourses, and social spaces shape the contours of desire, sexuality, subjectivity, social movement, resistance, and community formations. We will also examine how the frameworks of intersectionality, disidentifications, and assemblage complicate the question of identity (race, gender, class, etc.) that the early strand of queer theory tends to disavow. This course invites us to think more capaciously about queer cultural politics by exploring new set of concerns such as social inclusion, gay marriage, unending war, financial insecurity, and neoliberalism. Students will gain a comprehensive knowledge of theories, methodologies, and cultural texts in queer studies.

Assessment: 100% coursework.