CLIT2094: Introduction to Critical Theory and Cultural Studies (Spring 2024)

6 credits | Dr. Daniel Elam

This introductory course examines some of the foundational texts, concepts, and arguments within the fields of critical theory and cultural studies. It is a foundational survey primarily intended to prepares students for further work in literary and cultural studies. Readings will include primary sources and secondary readings from introductory anthologies. These may be supplemented by select literary, visual, or other texts which illuminate particular theories, concepts, or approaches.

The rise of post-structuralism (or “postmodernism”) will be partially covered but is not the basis of the course. Alternative traditions and ideas within the long, rich history of critical theory will be addressed. These can range from ancient and early modern reflections on culture and literature, for example, to dialectical and Marxist notions of ideology and power as well as post-colonial and feminist critiques of history, empire, and patriarchy.

Notes: NEW MAJORS (declared Major from August 2023 onwards) must take ONE FOUNDATIONAL COURSE (6 credits)  (CLIT2001, CLIT2025, CLIT2094 and CLIT2095) preferably in the second year

Assessment: 100% coursework.