Dr. Grace En-Yi Ting

BA, Wellesley College
MPhil, PhD, Yale University

Grace En-Yi Ting is an Assistant Professor of Gender Studies at the University of Hong Kong (HKU). As a queer and feminist studies scholar, she specializes in Japanese women writers and girls’ culture, as well as transnational feminisms and queer politics. She is currently working on a book manuscript examining femininities and female homosociality within representations of daily life by women writers in post-1980’s Japan. Her other work involves critiques of race and gender in the field of Japanese studies, as well as interrogating tensions between concepts of “queer” and “Asia” across Japanese, Sinophone, and Asian American literary discourses. At HKU, she teaches courses on postcolonial and transnational feminisms, queer and feminist literature, and queer theory and lesbian studies.