Dr. Esther C.M. Yau 丘靜美

RRST* 9.39
3917 5110

Esther C.M. YAU, Ph.D. (UCLA) has written on Hong Kong cinema and globalization, China’s Fifth Generation, gender and film, trauma and testimony, Cold War Chinese cinema, and New Wave directors. She has published essays in The Cinema Journal, Film Quarterly, The Oxford History of World Cinema, Discourse, Quarterly Review of Film and Video, Wide Angle, Dangdai Dianying, Jintian, and World Cinema. She has recently published in Chinese Film Festivals: Sites of Translation (2017); A Companion to Hong Kong Cinema (2015), and Hong Kong Screenscapes: From the New Wave to the Digital Frontier (2011). Her books include: Hong Kong Neo-Noir (coeditor, Edinburgh University Press); A Companion to Hong Kong Cinema (editor, Wiley-Blackwell); At Full Speed: Hong Kong Cinema in a Borderless World (editor, University of Minnesota Press) and New Chinese Cinemas: Forms, Identities, Politics (coeditor, Cambridge University Press). She has co-edited “Asia/Pacific: a Spectral Surface” – a special issue of positions: east Asia cultures critique. She has taught cinema studies courses at the University of California (Los Angeles & Irvine) and at the University of Southern California. She was Chair of Asian Studies Department at Occidental College where she directed Critical Studies in Film and Media. She has served as academic consultant of Chinese film exhibition programs at Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York and the National Gallery of Art at Washington, D.C., USA. She is presently working on a study of film testimony and local memory in the cinemas of China and Hong Kong.

Undergraduate Courses:
CLIT1009 Questioning Difference Gender, Postcolonialism and Culture
CLIT2008 Film Culture II
CLIT2025 Visual Cultures
CLIT2037 Gender and Sexuality in Chinese Literature and Film
CLIT2074 Film and Ideology in Contemporary China
CCGL9001 Hong Kong Cinema Through a Global Lens

Taught Postgraduate Courses (MALCS):
CLIT7009 Modernity and Its Paths
CLIT7010 Questioning Sexual Difference
CLIT7012 Dissertation Seminar
CLIT7014 Film and Popular CultureCLIT7016 Contemporary Chinese Literature and Film
CLIT7019 World Cinema