Amrita Sanju Daryanani

Being exposed to different situations allows me to gain more understanding of how to deal with different problems and people.

Florence Cheung

我記不起對話是如何展開,只記得那男的聽到我是香港來的遊客後,笑說一直以為我是作家,因為氣質很像。那是我聽過最令人心悅的誇獎,我只 尷尬地低著頭,搖頭笑著。


On a breezy tuk tuk ride along the lit river, with my now happily relaxed-yet- sore feet, there were moments of silence. When we were about to reach home, he broke the silence and asked, “What’s there not to smile about?”


I was not so naïve as to believe that I could change a person’s thought overnight. No. But mutual understanding doesn’t stem from nothing nor silence. I wanted to earn Mr. Wu’s understanding.


士多老婆婆皺着眉看着我,重複說:"陰功,真難過"...... 我們兩個陌生人,就這樣分享着頃刻的悲,祝福着胎兒要大步檻過。







Elaine Chow

LaBa was our designated driver for my trip of 6 days in Tibet. While driving us from attraction to attraction, he share his stories and his knowledge to us.

Elaine Wong

Big hands and small hands are joined together, Holding a cup of sweet tea in the open –that keeps us warm and connects

Karen Cheng

Singing along to our Tibetan driver’s song list through his car stereo ranging from Taylor Swift to Beyond oh what interesting tastes he has despite the language barrier really not what I had in mind but no complains.

Aarzoo Somawia and Areej Kianat

Soon after, they recovered
and their lives began anew. Now it was New Year’s Eve again. Durga was getting married and Jai was blessed with a baby boy.

Aayasha Mahmood and Rahman

Safaq Anse

When he saw his parents’ room, he was motivated by his curiosity to enter. Dust covered the entire surface of the desk, but there was something more...

Aslam Rimsha

Jennifer lived for five more years and stayed happy all this while despite the illness.

Attiyah Zaine

He should have valued her more. By the time he realised it was Martha who he truly loved, she was gone.