Aarzoo Somawia and Areej Kianat

Soon after, they recovered and their lives began anew. Now it was New Year’s Eve again. Durga was getting married and Jai was blessed with a baby boy.

Justice turns into revenge

On New Year’s Eve, a huge celebration was going on in Singhania’s family. The party was attended by many famous businessmen and family relatives. Everyone was enveloped with the loud music, dancing and frenzy atmosphere that they forgot what’s going on around them.
Jai Singhania, the son of Shourya’s Singhania, who worked in the military in Mumbai, India was together with his brother Rohit Singhania. Jai and his sister Durga went to the Airport to see some friends who were flying to London that night right after the party. While they were returning home from the Airport, Jai’s car got attacked by some goons and his sister Durga was kidnapped. Jai tried his best to chase the goons’ car but he failed.

After Durga got kidnapped, Jai informed all the police stations to find out where the goons had taken Durga to. The police and his military friends tried their best to locate Durga, but no one had any ideas. After one week, Jai received a call from the police station, telling him that a girl was found on the main road of Mumbai. All the Singhanias rushed to the police station, only to find out that the unconscious girl was Durga, whose critical condition traumatized every family member. Jai immediately sent his sister for treatment. Two days later, it was found that Durga had been raped, and this piece of news left her dad paralyzed.

At that moment, Jai and Rohit decided to take revenge for their sister and dad because of the terrible conditions the goons had got them into. From that moment, they started to plan their mission of how to approach those goons and their boss. Within one month, they found a bit of information about one of the hideouts in Mumbai and decided to raid the place. During the raid, Jai knew the identity of the real boss, but finding him was not an easy task. Jai decided to start his mission together with his wife Roshini who was a private detector. The couple decided to sign a fake business deal of diamonds worth 1 billion US dollars with the boss, whose name was Prakassh Raj. In order to secure the deal, Prakaash started to send some men in the gang to look for Jai. When the gang members finally found Jai, he killed the gangsters after collecting the necessary information about their boss. However, the information was still not enough to approach Prakaash. As Jai still didn’t know Prakaash’s exact location, he decided to finalize the deal with Prakaash in person so that he could meet him face‐to‐ face.

From a source, Jai learnt that Praakash’s main manager, Zaffar, was in Birmingham to attend a party at the Royal Palace two days later. Jai and Roshini flew off to Birmingham to approach Zaffar. As they knew, Zaffar was the sort of guy who always looked for girls to spend a night with. So Jai and Roshini decided to pretend to be an unmarried couple. When they arrived at the party, they put on a show and pretended to break up in front of Zaffar. Jai left the party, leaving behind the heart‐broken Roshini. Seeing this, Zaffar found an excuse to talk to Roshini and invited her to his room.

When Roshini reached Zaffar’s room, she mixed some pills into his drink. After Zaffar got unconscious, Jai took him to his own room and kidnapped him. After extracting the information he wanted to get, Jai killed Zaffar so that no one would become suspicious about Jai’s intentions. Now knowing that Prakaash was in Mexico, Jai and Roshini decided to head off to Mexico to finalize the deal with Prakaash. As the two were making their way to Mexico, their daughter Piiya and Rohit were kidnapped by the same goons. However, at that time, Jai and Roshini still did not know anything about this.

J ai and Roshini arrived at Prakaash’s place in Mexico. They were prepared to sign the deal, but did not know that Prakaash already knew that the real intention of their visit was to take revenge. This was because Prakaash’s son, Rishi, overheard the conversation between Jai and Zaffar and witnessed all that had happened. After learning this, Prakaash kidnapped Jai’s other family members.

This was the first time that Jai and Prakaash faced each other in person. Both sides pretended to be there to finalize the deal, but both had different things in mind. During their conversation, Piiya saw Jai and started yelling from the room in which she was kept. Immediately, Jai noticed something was wrong. Piiya managed to escape from the room and rushed to her father Jai. Everyone at the scene was shocked and they took out their guns as Jai and Prakaash were exposed to each other. While the fight was going on between the men, Roshini took advantage of the moment and led her family to escape from Prakaash’s captivity. During the fight, Jai strangled Rishi and warned Prakassh that if he didn’t tell him the reason behind his sister’s rape, he would kill Rishi. To save his son, Prakaash revealed the biggest secret of his life that he had been hiding from Jai and Rohit.

I t turned out that Prakaash was their father’s biological brother and Rishi was their real first cousin. This bitter truth had been hidden from their father, since the brothers got separated by not distributing the property equally among each other. Shourya was a really hard working, loyal, obedient and humble guy, while Prakaash was an evil‐minded guy who was greedy for power and money. Shourya always got appreciation from their father but Prakaash only got curses from him. The jealousy turned Prakaash into such a big goon and evil person. Now the reason why Durga got raped was because while she and Rishi was studying together, Rishi proposed to Durga but was rejected. After hearing everything, Jai got so furious and his heart was filled with blazing fire. He immediately stabbed Rishi. After witnessing Rishi’s death, Prakaash couldn’t control himself and tried to attack Jai. As he was approaching Jai, Rohit stabbed Prakaash from the back.
All the evilness died and blasted. The news of Rishi and Prakaash’s death had a really big impact on Durga and Shourya’s condition.
They all lived happily ever after.