- Narratives of Connection in Many Accents

The Hong Kong University Knowledge Exchange Impact Project “Narratives of Connections in Many Accents” encourages the sharing of stories across differences in culture and language. We live in a city with people coming from many different parts of the world and we speak languages with different accents. Along with the accents are the stories of connection to particular places in the city and to persons in various encounters. With interactive workshops in which participating students and community members engage in the process of creative writing, we inspire diverse forms of creative narratives. The website serves as a platform to exhibit creative work of some of the participants. We encourage beginning and experienced writers to start a people’s archive of stories of connections to enrich the cultural memory in this city.

Our project objectives:

To empower creative expressions of meaningful connections across languages and nationalities in a cosmopolitan city through sharing knowledge of selected works of literature, film, and visual culture.
To involve non-Chinese speakers and non-native speakers of Cantonese in communicative and creative acts of a personal and public nature.
To establish a growing creative space for sharing and dialogue across cultural differences and possible social barriers.
To use digital sound to register the sonic presence of many accents coming from contributors whose backgrounds signify a city’s links to places in the world.

Participants of the Creative Narrative Workshop shall be able to:

Integrate experiences of meaningful connections in Hong Kong with story-telling activities
Develop talents in creative writing and visual expressions through workshops, completion of narratives, and web exhibition
Connect ideas and experiences with the local community
Recognize creative efforts on a university website



我們尊重每一個人的文化背景 經歷和記憶;

主持人 丘靜美博士

Project Supervisor (PI)

Dr. Esther Yau, Associate Professor, The University of Hong Kong Department of Comparative Literature; Associate Dean, HKU Faculty of Arts

Workshop Leaders
Ivy Wong, M. Phil student, The University of Hong Kong Department of Comparative Literature
Florence Lo, (M.A. University of Leeds); part-time staff, the University of Hong Kong Department of Comparative Literature
Jenny Wong, (M. Phil, The University of Hong Kong); part-time staff, the University of Hong Kong Department of Comparative Literature

Creative Mentors
Amrita Daryanani, Tiffany Tam, Christie Lin,
Walter Ng, Ellen So, Michelle Lam,
Shadow Tam, Daisy Chan, Sophya Lo, Kathy Yip

Contact Person:
Florence Lo

Dr. Esther C.M. Yau

Room 939, Run Run Shaw Tower
Centennial Campus
University of Hong Kong
Pokfulam, Hong Kong SAR
Office: (852) 3917-5110

Florence Lo