Aslam Rimsha

Jennifer lived for five more years and stayed happy all this while despite the illness.

Once upon a time there was a boy called Sam. He was 18 years old. His mother passed away when he was young. His father was a doctor. Sam was not happy with his father because he could not give him enough time, and he did not understand why his father as a doctor couldn’t save his mother.

Sam was studying in college. He was a weak student and had no interest in studies. He found every lesson boring. One day, a new English teacher came to the school. Her name was Jenifer. She was married and was under emotional stress from her husband. She was an open-minded girl. She knew that students wanted to have some fun during lessons, such as playing games that are also educational. So she was teaching students in a way in which students can learn while having fun. Since Jenifer came to the school, Sam started to pay attention in class and his studies also improved with her help.

Jenifer was a nice person and she cared for Sam. Sam started falling in love with her. He told Jenifer that he liked her, saying her help had helped him build greater self-confidence. She had been so nice to Sam in a way that no one had for a long while. However Jenifer rejected him and told him that she is married.

One day, there was a blood donation campaign in the college. Jenifer supported the event and gave a blood sample. The report showed that Jenifer was having HIV (Human immunodeficiency view). She was shocked about the news and couldn't believe it. She came home and showed the reports to her husband. Her husband asked her to leave the house, and the college principal asked her to leave her job. Students who she had once taught and encouraged also started gossiping about her character. The only person who stayed with her was Sam. Jenifer later found out that she got the disease from her husband, whose blood test showed that he was HIV Positive. With nobody supporting her in the family, she left the house and also resigned from the job.

Sam requested Jenifer to stay in his house. Sam’s father also supported her. Sam took care of Jenifer, spent time with her and made her feel happy. Jenifer then realized that she also loved Sam. After realizing this, she left town and wrote a letter to Sam. In the letter, she wrote, “We can’t be together in this life. And I don’t want you to experience again what you’ve experienced after losing your mother.”

After this, Jennifer lived for five more years and stayed happy all this while despite the illness.