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Current Students


Course Reader

Soft copies of course readings for certain courses will be uploaded onto Moodle. Moodle is an online platform for sharing e-copies of course materials, videos, and for virtual meeting/ discussion. You may gain access to Moodle via HKU portal in the "E-Learning" section. The Moodle page for each course is open to students who have been enrolled in the course only.
MA students can borrow DVD/ VCD/ VHS from the departmental collection. All film copies are on 3-day loan.
MA Dissertations stored in the departmental library are available on one-week loan. The final-bound dissertation copies stored in the department are from students who have obtained a Distinction, with a copy lodged in the Main Library on reserve.
Course switching is not allowed after the course selection period for each semester is closed.

Award of a TPg qualification with an overall distinction

The award of a taught postgraduate qualification with an overall distinction is a recognition of excellence, a relatively rare achievement. Please refer to "Criteria for the Award of a Taught Master's Degree with Distinction"


Students admitted in academic year 2017-18 or after:

Letter grades for MALCS courses will be disclosed to students. Students will be informed of the course assessment results shown as letter grades with GPA via the HKU Portal. Only satisfactorily completed courses will earn credits.

Students admitted in academic year 2016-17 or before:

No letter grades for MALCS courses will be disclosed to students. Students will be informed of the course assessment results shown as "Distinction"/ "Pass"/ "Fail" via the HKU Portal.

Grading Criteria
Students may however request checking of the final course grade or the result of any assessment component of any course if they have reason to believe that there is any procedural irregularity or technical error in the determination of that result (e.g. an error in the recording, collating or aggregation of grades/marks which continue to the final result).

Such checking is not and does not entail academic re-assessment of the materials or coursework presented by the student. In other words, appeal against the academic judgment of the examiners will not be entertained.

An application for checking of procedural irregularity or technical error, together with the receipt of fee payment, should be submitted by the student as soon as possible after the release of the assessment result, and in any case must reach the Faculty Office no later than two weeks after the publication of the course's final assessment result as determined by the BoE.

Click here for details.
MALCS courses are assessed by 100% coursework. Student will be failed in a course for non-submission of course assignment(s).
Students can apply for a 2-day extension for one assignment in the same course during a semester. The student must notify the instructor one week before the assignment is due, and must keep to the new due date. Late papers including those after the extended due date will be subjected to grade reduction.
With the approval from Course Instructor, Programme Chairperson, and the MA Board of Examiners, students who fail in a course would be given a chance for resubmitting the course assignment for re-examination within a month.

Capstone Experience: Dissertation/ Portfolio/ Individual Project

Please refer to

Students who have received a B grade or above in 4 or more courses, and with the approval by the MALCS Programme Chairperson, may choose to do:

1) a dissertation of approximately 10,000 words or

2) an individual project – an approved creative work under supervision and a written report of around 5,000 words; as partial fulfilment of the requirements for the MA degree.

Students who opt for dissertation writing must take the elective “CLIT7012 Dissertation Seminar"". Students who opt for portfolio and individual project must attend special sessions and/or workshops.

All students have the option to compile a portfolio of coursework for the MA curriculum. Students choosing the Portfolio option are required to revise at least two previous MALCS papers into a final paper of approximately 10,000 words. Students who opt for portfolio/individual project must take another elective course in lieu of CLIT7012.
A supervisor will be assigned to each student in March/April of their final year in the programme. Students are recommended to take initiative to contact their supervisors directly for consultation, or virtual meeting via email, between May and June.
In principle, students can request for extending the submission deadline of Dissertation/ Portfolio/ Individual Project to a proposed date within a month of the official submission date. Nonetheless, there may be a deferral of the graduation year for students who request for extension. They may not be invited to attend the Congregation of the same year as their classmates.

Academic Writing

MLA. Please refer to the MLA Citation Guides. Students should use proper citation format for all the references in their essays, and avoid plagiarism.
Online resources for academic writing are available on Centre for Applied English Studies (CAES)'s website at:

There will be an essay writing workshop open to MALCS students in November. Details of the workshop will be sent out via email.

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