CLIT3025: Asia on Global Screens (Fall Semester 2021)

Fall 2021| 6 Credits| Dr. Aaron Magnan-Park

Since the beginning of film history, Asian cinema has always been present and active. However, only certain Asian films rise to global prominence be it either through the art cinema and the international film festival circuit or as box office sensations locally and sometimes even internationally. We will take a national cinema approach to see what these particular films express and reveal concerning the national project for the Asian nation per se as well as how these same forces are celebrated or condemned outside of the nation of origin.

The course is also designed as a capstone course to provide students with a methodological approach in analyzing films, taking one’s insights seriously, and connecting with existing academic research. The goal is to challenge and transform our understanding of this cinematic cultural behemoth with an original thesis driven research paper as the final course objective, which can then be submitted for publication in Film Matters, a peer-reviewed undergraduate film journal.