CLIT2060: Fiction and Film in Contemporary Chinese Societies (Spring 2022)

Spring 2022| 6 Credits| Professor Nicole Huang

Special topic for Spring 2022: Film Adaptations of Literature 文學改編電影

In Spring 2022, this class will be offered with a special topic. With Ann Hui’s most recent film Love After Love (《第一爐香》), an adaptation of Eileen Chang’s 1943 short fiction “Aloewood Ashes: The First Incense Burning,” there has been a resurgence of interest in how cinema and literature are connected. This course will respond to such a renewed interest both in popular culture and in academic scholarship. Students will confront the problems and possibilities of adaptation and ask how they relate to more fundamental questions of literary and cinematic interpretation. The goal is to equip students with a set of analytical tools to approach contemporary culture that is often presented on cross-media platforms. We will closely examine several literary text/filmic text combinations, including Hou Hsiao-hsian’s The Assassin, Ann Hui’s Love in a Fallen City, Stanley Kwan’s Red Rose White Rose, and Ang Lee’s Lust/Caution. Lou Ye’s most recent film Saturday Fiction and Jiang Wen’s Hidden Man are other possibilities. Theories of adaptation will be introduced as critical and interpretive tools and students will fine tune their analytical skills in both literary and film studies. The class concludes with a discussion of translation as adaptation, or adaptation as translation.